Gislason about Belarus

The dress rehearsal is truly successful — and at the same time served as a warning shot for the competition. After 60 intensive minutes on Sunday evening in Regular, it was 35:34 for the German team. Opponent: Record world champion France. Therefore, Gílson did not fall into the jubilation towers, as he revealed at a special broadcast of Spotlight : If you make 13 technical mistakes, you do not usually win such a game. Fortunately, Les Experts but also made many mistakes.

Overlooking the EM prelude on Friday (18 o'clock, live! At Belarus) against Belarus, Gílson said, We can do much better. A trumping could be that the DUB selection in this constellation very much fun. This wants Gílson with his protégés as quickly as possible convert in points.

While other nations, especially the Teams housed in Hungary, also sue partly catastrophic framework conditions and barely existing Corona protective measures, it runs at the DUB team in Bratislava until now pretty exemplary. Waiting for finally going on is actually the worst straight, says Gílson.

Missing Belarus should not underestimate none in the German camp, the underlined of the national coach, which sees a very dangerous opponent, once more: The first six plays at Champions League teams. Especially before Brest's 26-year-old right outside Nikita Kailua warned Gílson.

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With Belarus coach Yuri Sheets, who trained TV Lego, Used food and the Rhine-Neckar Lower between 1996 and 2008, connecting the Icelanders a lot. For the first time both fell as a player at the Junior World Cup 1979. Gílson calls only three months younger Sheets an outstanding type and coach anyway.

Sheets has much more time with the national team

Since both teams are housed in the same hotel, Gílson was already looking for the conversation with Sheets at breakfast. I'd like the time you have with your team, Gílson had told Sheets living in Essen. His reaction: He just brought himself and said, 'Do not you get anyway,.

For a long time Gílson has already been struggling to get more time with the national team under the year. So far in vain.