Founder of Just Add Water, Veteran Stewart Gilray died

British industry veteran, Stewart Gilroy died a few weeks at the age of 51 after being contaminated with COVID-19. The sad news has been confirmed on Twitter by his friend Shahid Kamal Ahmad.

As he published on Facebook, Stewart Gilroy had been hospitalized shortly before the end of the year after being contaminated with COVID-19. He posted his latest message the morning of December 25 from his hospital room to wish a merry Christmas to his contacts, but his condition had aggravated a few days later, as Shahid Kamal Ahmad relayed who gave news of His friend on Twitter. There is no one in our industry with whom I can laugh like you and I laughed together, Stew, makes Tribute the former independent game specialist at PlayStation. Other tributes from the industry were collected by the Game Industry site.

Stewart Gilroy had entered the industry in the late 1980s, at the time of Atari St and the Commodore, working first as an independent programmer for names like Prognosis, Bullfrog, Argonaut Software or Core Design. After passages at INTERACTIVE ROLLER, REVOLUTION SOFTWARE, MINECRAFT AND WORLD INHABITANTS, IT FOUND JUST ADD WATER IN 2006. The studio, who celebrated his 15 years last October, took part in the development of titles like Odd world: Stranger's Wrath HD, Odd world : Munch's Odds HD, Odd world: New 'N' Tasty, Volume, Micro Machines World Series, Sniper Elite VR or Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality.

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Its programmer and producer resume counts titles like Rubicon on Amiga, Soldier of Fortune on Dream cast or cold blood on PlayStation and PC. As he entrusted into a recent interview, this father dreamed of making a 3D platform game ANSI respected that Ratchet & Clank.