Fortnite Chapter 3 Semissionson 1: Challenges and Missions Filtered Week 7

challenges and missions of the week 7 of semissionson 1 of battle pmissionss of Fortnite chapter 3 will be available from Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 15: 00h CET. However, and missions usual at this house, through techniques and tools of Data mining we have been able to find them before they are active in-game. Just below we tell you what each new challenge and mission of Fortnite of this batch:

Fortnite Chapter 3 — Semissionson 1: Filtered Missions of Week 7

  • Collect stone in the temple, rock ruins or ruins Rock (0/200) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons
  • Eliminates OI forces (0/3) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons
  • Launches a Colombo berry while you are less than ten meters from a Colombo (0/1) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons
  • Inflicts damage to opponents with pomegranates or a launcher (0/75) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsonal
  • Interact with the scanner console in the drilling area of ​​a team of impostors (0/1) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionson
  • Destroy objects while driving a quadtaclism (0/30) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons
  • Gather different types of weapons in tortuous tunnels or sanctuary (0/3) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons
  • Damage opponents with a shooter rifle (0/150) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsonal
  • Fill the tank with a vehicle with gmissionsoline (0/50) — Reward: 25,000 PE semissionsons


The files corresponding to the challenges and missions of week 7 of Fortnite semissionson chapter 3 were added with the patch 19.10 . missions always, There are a total of nine missions, but only the first seven will be active; The lmissionst two EPIC GAMES reservation to replace them in cmissionse some seven initials gives problems . This, in fact, hmissions already happened with the missions of the week 1.

In any cmissionse, in Meditation you will have, missions always, and when you are active, a complete guide to help you complete each one of these weekly Fortnite challenges and missions.