Dune: Spice Wars: Great FAQ reveals new details about the Dune

Does it turn to you after the strong Dune newly filming also in the fingers, once again an old Dune game out of the shelf to clear? If you only leave new stuff on your hard drive, you must practice a little while in patience. The Survival game in the Dune universe of Fun com should probably be published only 2023 . Somewhere earlier, however, the Early Access phase of Dune: Spice Wars . The Dune-RTS-4X mix should be playable this year.

Great FAQ to Dune: Spice Wars

At the latter game, the developers of Shirt Games now published a comprehensive FAQ article on Steam, who reveals many new details about Dune: Spice Wars. Below we have summarized you the most important.


  • Dune: Spice Wars is a real-time strategy game for the PC that will have a slower pace than other RTS titles, including pause and pre-pulse features. At the same time, it should be the typical elements of a 4x game in the focus, so scattering, spread, yield and extinguish (in English: E x Lore, E x And, E x plot, E X Terminate = 4x).
  • You can remove in Dune: Spice Wars to expand its surgical basis, but there is no RTS-typical basic construction, where you can pull up buildings manually. For this, the size ratio here is very much... now yes... larger than in normal RTS representatives.
  • In addition to the fighting, politics, trade, secret operations and a deeper resource management system should play important roles.
  • There should be four fractions at the start, so far the Harmonies and Abrades have been confirmed.

  • As a basis for the game, the books of Herbert are first approached, and not other potential role models such as the older games or the Dune Encyclopedia. Therefore, the Abrades also have a green banner and no blue, and therefore the house Or dos will not play a role first.

  • The cards are generated procedure, with different options for size, wind strength, sand worm activities and more.
  • In the deep desert areas, you can only expand if you have the appropriate technologies unlocked or a network of airfields has built up.
  • In the course of the early access phase, there should be large updates with multiplayer content and campaign. First, the focus is on the core gameplay.
  • So far no mod support is planned, but it could change if the players can speak accordingly.

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