Ubisoft adds a new cross-mission Danny Trejo to Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6 has just received an update that really does not surprise anyone. The update added a mission featuring Danny Trejo that Ubisoft has accidentally added to the game about a month ago before removing it quickly. This time, Ubisoft officially published the mission with some other things.

The mission is a crossover with the famous Hollywood actor Danny Trejo. Tree plays himself for this role as he goes to Yard to give tacos to hungry. The army tries to put an end to the Tree operation, triggering a quarrel between the two. The player teams up with Tree to help him repel hordes of soldiers into a real ridiculous Far Cry.

Ubisoft accidentally published the crossing mission earlier this year. The premature output was probably due to a programming error. The players were unable to begin only the first part of the Danny Trejo mission before she ended abruptly. For this reason, most of the content of the mission has never been revealed. Ubisoft quickly removed the mission of the game until its correct exit.

Ubisoft made the announcement via Twitter earlier in the day, Team and fight with Danny Trejo solo or cooperative with friends in a free cross mission and a new special operation, Managua, and get a free reward! » The Danny Trejo mission is now available for free for players with a copy of Far Cry 6 on any platform.

Some other items have also been included in the update. Players can expect to receive a free reward in the form of a motorcycle with an integrated pistol. The update also corrected some loading screen bugs and game crash.

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