Tour de ski in Oberstdorf: Diggins wins hennig strong sixth

Katharina Henning has proven its top form on the third stage of the Tour de Ski. The 25-year-old stopped at their home game in Oberstdorf over 10 km long in the top group and ended up in six rank. The victory went to title defender Jessica Digging (USA) as already at the prelude sprint in Lenzerheide.

For hen, it was the best result of your career in the free technique. I'm so happy about the sixth place and just thankful. When it went to the mated, I still realized my technical weaknesses, said Henning in IDF. Also, National coach Peter's closed ride was satisfied: This is a great place for Kathy. Her tactics have been fully rising.

Tour de Ski.  Jessie Diggins win 10 km  fellesstart kvinner, in Oberstdorf.

Confirmation of Finland performance

Henning was surprisingly ranked three at the end of November at the start of the season in the ice-cold Finland, but in classical technology. This time you missed at the podium only 2.7 seconds. There, the digging leading in the overall standings was 21: 30.8 minutes before Frida Carlsson (Sweden / + 0.5 seconds) and Tatiana Corina from Russia (+0.8).

Antonia Millions provided as 20. For the second-best German result, Some Real collected as 27. Also points.