The original GTA used an unlikely trick for your tanks that was hidden to the project heads

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25 years ago, the original Grand Theft Auto was in full development. The title was the first stone set for a franchise that Rock star ended up becoming a legendary video game saga, reaching the maximum peak with GTA V, which eight years after its launch continues to beat all records.

But it was the first GTA that made it possible all this and, in a recent interview shared by Gamer hub, two of its leaders have shared some very curious anecdotes on development and how they implemented things that were not planned. It is the case of mythical tank that could be used in the game, from which Ian Johnson and Stewart Paterson have left us a nice story.


A key point was when Ian and I joke with the idea of ​​including tanks in the game, it was very ridiculous, and there was no reason to justify it, explains Paterson. We had no reasons to develop it beyond implementing something that was indestructible, very dangerous and hilarious destroying all kinds of things.

We put a pedestrian on top of a car, we did it slower and increase the damage to the Stewart Paterson bullets Both ended up encouraging and proposed to carry out the plan that afternoon, although in a quite unlikely way. We had the vehicle code we could use, and also the code that allowed a pedestrian to rotate and shoot in eight different directions, he says. What happened to us was to put the pedestrian about the car, making him slowly and increasing the damage to the bullets. We already had a basic version of a tank.

The curious anecdote does not end there, but both have revealed that, after checking that it worked and leaving home, they discovered the next day that they had gone from their hands: Crowd of teammates were happening bigger with the tank They had discovered. After having been hidden at his heads at a beginning, the stir caused them to have to confess, but the idea was so fun that we could finally enjoy it in the definitive version of the game.

Since then, the Grand Theft Auto Saga is one of the most important not only video games, but also of general entertainment worldwide. He has achieved a surprising graphic evolution from the first deliveries, and practically all GTA Games by name accumulate millions of copies sold, with few exceptions referring to minor titles.

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