The next DLC of Dead Cells will be available early 2022

Motion Twin raised the Veil on The Queen and The Sea, the next additional content of Dead Cells that will be available early 2022 on consoles and PC at the usual price of 4.99 euros.

Bringing a conclusion to the path started by The Bad Seed and Falls, The Queen and The Sea further enriches the adventure with two end-of-game biomes (infested wreck, lighthouse), a new well nasty boss and a brand-new end in reward. To be more accurate, this additional content will offer an alternative to the Biomes Castle of Haute-Creme, abandoned distillery and throne room.

It also includes the usual bonus, namely 9 new weapons, including a shark to launch, a trident and a hook of pirate (eye-and-glance not included), an ally not very cute, tons of new outfits and new enemies In Massacre, we are telling us. Note that one of the two biomes will be particularly out of the ordinary, Dix his authors.

New Dead Cells DLC Announced!

The sales of this DLC will allow us to continue to produce our regular and free updates and develop as many ideas as possible for Dead Cells, emphasizes Motion Twin which does not intend to stop. So good way, even if another game is also under construction on the side of the Girondins cooperative. At a minimum, Dead Cells players will be entitled to free updates until the end of the year 2022.


Dead Cells — Announcement of the DLC The Queen and The Sea