Square stops the sale of Final Fantasy 14! Again playing time

Final Fantasy (ファイナル ファンタジー, Fainer Fantasy) is a collection of duty computer game (RPG) generated by Square Enix (originally Square Soft) as well as released by Hironobu Yamaguchi in 1987 in Japan on the NEW with the Final Fantasy game. The initial video game of the series is a last initiative of Yamaguchi to turn over his job after several industrial failures: he meets a fantastic business success. Considering that after that, Final Fantasy develops with every living room console generation and is often adapted to other platforms. She has ventured right into other kinds of computer game whose on the internet role-play, race, shooting games in the 3rd person, fight game and rhythm video game. She after that diversified in terms of style, giving birth to flicks, pets, manga and books. Although the bulk of Final Fantasy video games are composed of games in totally independent history, there are a number of common points. These commonalities consist of especially circumstance aspects, names and also species of video games as well as play technicians. The timeless scenario of a Final Fantasy video game takes up the story of a team of young heroes who deal with evil while creating their Tidy personality as well as connections in between them. Lastly, the music often composed by Noble Seats get involved in the online reputation of the series and also its consistency. The video game series fulfills an actual business and crucial success. It has greater than 135,000,000 units sold between its production as well as 2017, as well as is taken into consideration a major series of the world of video games because Final Fantasy VII. She had a significant impact on the usual play mechanics of the duty computer game and joined the democratization of the style all at once outside of Japan.

Although now been nearly two weeks since the early access phase of Final Fantasy 14: End walker have passed, the server continues to groan under the onslaught of the players. And, although Naomi Yeshiva and his team already carried out various measures and have corrected problems.

The situation is becoming more critical

The situation seems even to tighten the contrary. Yesterday, on 15 December 2021, several players who are after an unexpected disconnection reported (ran Final Fantasy 14 itself has been very smooth, if you've been here once) could not log into the game again.

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Although this problem could be solved very quickly then, but the long queues and the costs associated with pending error messages are still frustrated a construction site, the developers and players alike.

Server Issues: FFXIV STOPS Sales & Gives MORE FREE Game Time

sales stop for Final Fantasy 14

That is why those responsible at Square Enix now pull the ripcord and stop for now the physical and digital sales of the Starter Edition and Complete Edition of Final Fantasy 14. The registration for the free trial is temporarily suspended. Naomi Yeshiva explained on the official website of FF14 as the cessation of sales will expire:

This temporary suspension will be introduced gradually in the coming days as we work with our retail partners. Although we strive for a rapid cooperation, please pay attention to you that this will be a gradual process. We are also all new commercial set advertisements. In some already active campaigns will however not be possible immediately to suspend them. We thank you also in this case for your patience and Verständnis.

Enhancements editions and digital upgrades of the Collector's Edition will continue to be offered for sale, thus can upgrade existing player when needed.

Another game-time compensation

Only ten days ago there was Square Enix due to technical problems a Playing time equalization of seven days for all owners of Final Fantasy 14 (buy now €25,98). And there already admitted Ship that additional days could follow if the problems persist.

And the chief developer keeps his promise: know We, the long waiting times discourage logging in players to play the game, for which we sincerely apologize We have added recently seven days of free game time due to the current situation. However, we have decided to give us another 14 days.

This shall have that have the full version of the game and on Tuesday, 21 December, at 09:00 (CET), the scheduled release date for patch 6.01 an active subscription to all players (with multiple service accounts including those).

plans for the near future

It is also 6:05 to publish on January 4, 2022, the plan of developers patches. With the update are the following:

Raid Challenge pandemonium: asphodel (epic) New Allagische stones New recipes for craftsmen The secret hoard: the Exploration

Since July, the developers are working to create a new data center with fresh servers. This plan, however, was hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting adjustment of semiconductor production in the manufacturing plants, declining production volumes and raw material shortages.

In January 2022 Square wants to present us with a roadmap. Especially for the regions of US and EU, there will be an extensive complement of server offerings.

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