Read of P: RPG developers comment on Bloodborne Vibes, Weapons

The trailer for the new Action-RPG Lies of P has mainly hit the hearts of Blood borne fans faster — because the game world immediately reminded us of the gloomy Victorian Harm. The developer team of Lies of P now betrayed that this was unintentional, but at the same time is strongly oriented on souls titles. But this should be noticeable in precision with fighting. In addition, we should be able to customize our fighting style with weapon modifications versatile. We'll tell you more about it.

Dark Souls is model

That's why it's: Lies of P is an actioning developed by the Korean Studio Round8 and wants to kid us in 2023 in the world of Pinocchio. The game will appear for PS5 and Xbox Series X / s. The interpretation of the children's book classic falls extremely gloomy, and the trailer is strongly reminiscent of from Software title, especially Blood-borne. How the Developer Team Betray does not come from about.

Souls games serve as inspiration for struggles: Jae-won Choir von Round8 explained that it was not intended to spray with the trailer Blood borne Vibes. However, the team is very well oriented very well for souls games and soul likes. But this concerns the fighting above all. Choir specified:

We try to deliver quality and care as much quality and care when polishing the movement processes [as the case is the case with the SOULS series].

Also in terms of difficulty and punishment for dying, fromSoftwares games are an inspiration. Choir explains that there will be a checkpoint system, similar to Bonfires, but apart from that other mechanics.

Here you can watch gameplay:

More about Souls likes:

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Versatile weapons

We should be able to customize our fighting style in Lies of P versatile. A weapon construction system will play an essential role. There will be more than 30 basic weapons, which can be disassembled all in two parts — handle and blade (or with blunt weapons: tail). According to Choir, we can combine them at will.

This is Pinocchio's Prothesis. This can, as betrayed, be provided with eight different useful devices. This includes a gripping hook system that we have already seen in the trailer. All this is reminiscent of another fromSoftware game: Senior. Hero Wolf also has an arm prosthesis, which he uses among other things as a gripping hook.

We influence story and end

Also, to the story and how we influence these, the developer team has revealed more. As mentioned earlier, this is based on classic Pinocchio history, but it puts it much gloomy and settles you in the pre-industrial dystopic city cat. Our main character Pinocchio is a puppet mechanic in search of his creator Ghetto.

How To Get The Whirligig Saw Extremely Early Lies allowed: As the title already clears, this aspect of Pinocchio history also plays a role and Choir also reveals to what extent: In conversations with NPCs we can do floppy — and the more we do that, the more human is our mechanical Protagonist. This leads us to one of several possible ends.

But do not worry: If you are fearing, Pinocchio's nose can grow with every lie and in the end your protagonist encounters the opponent with his tines at ten meters away, can be reassured. This aspect of the story does not end up in the game, because the team did not want to play gambling with a strange-looking figure through the world.

Which aspect of Lies of P can you find the most exciting?