Pirates of Gravitae s’envole sur Steam Early Access

Fly in your own rocket. Prepare for air fights with other scorbutic hackers in the space fights of Inverse Games, Pirates of Gravitate. Today, innervate announced that Pirates of Gravitate will arrive at Steam Early Access in the spring of 2022. A press release on the game shares more details on the gameplay and the idea of ​​Pirates of Gravitate.

The game is an idea that comes from the spirit of the Solo Taylor KadayiCoglu developer. They say, in the statement, that his children were so upset by the lack of rocket propulsion on the pirate boats they demanded that he did something. »

Thus, Pirates of Gravitate was born. Featuring an intense 2.5d action, the rogue-like takes place in the Neo Caribbean where players will build their own ship through a race-based campaign. Players will be able to customize their own ships with new weapons, capacities and crew that will offer new ways of Swashbuckler in heaven.

Earlier this month, innervate also released a launch trailer.

Pirates of Gravitae Early Access

The launch trailer shows the fight and the physics of air combat. In addition, the trailer presents some different weapons, capacities and variable weather conditions. Players can see the trailer's ship split a storm, shoot guns and crush enemy ships. At the same time, you can see the ship moored at the port with the available upgrade screen.

The history of the campaign is available on the innervate website and presents an alternative version of the story. In this story, the pirates are the nice gravitate newly discovered to fly their ships and slaughter a malefic society.

Pirates of Gravitate will be available on Steam Early Access in 2022. In addition, innervation said in the press release they would deploy content for the game next year.

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