NBA: Stephen Curry beats back! Dominant Golden State Warriors set the Suns

Reach succeeded, Suns run finished, top position in the West recaptured: The Golden State Warriors have retracted a convincing victory against Phoenix Suns. Stephen curry is shooting back into the track, also shining support. After 18 games, the winning streak of Chris Paul and Co. ends

Stephen Curry & Warriors END Suns 18 Game Win Streak ????

Golden State Warriors (19-3) — Phoenix Suns (19-4) 118: 96 (Box score)

The Suns made it the first duel during the week to put curry to the chain. But from his own audience, the chef beat back, with 23 points (about 5 rebounds and 5 assists), he led his team. He met 8/20 from the field and 6/11 of Downtown.

From the shoot, the teammates were also infected. Andrew Wiggins Marked 19 Counters (3/7 Threesome), Jordan Poole came to 14 points and the bench gloss Gary Payton II (19 points, 7/9 FG) as well as Juan Toscano-Anderson (17, 5 rebounds and 5 assists at 7 / 8 FG). As a team, the DUBS scratched 50 percent from the field and the distance that 19 threes (39 attempts) had relatively little to oppose Phoenix.

We have a great, deep team. Everyone understands his role, we fight and are resistant, that is an important part of our identity, was the pleasure. Raymond Green was incredible today, GP has made a difference. We fear from the energy of the other, so that must run all the season.

The strong Warriors defense held the guests from the desert at only 38.3 percent throw rate, which was too little for Phoenix. Deandre Anton led his team with 23 points and 6 rebounds, Chris Paul could not press the game his stamp (12 and 8 assists). Otherwise, only Cameron Johnson (12) and Joe Crowder (11) scored two digits. Thus, the Suns collected the first bankruptcy since October 28th.

The start for curry was promising. His first threesome sat, even with Wiggins, who had been struggling with back problems in the last duel, it ran better. He looked much more agile, CP3 defended partly over the entire Court and also made himself a scorer.

For the highlight of the first quarter, however, Toscano-Anderson made by bringing Suns Center Naval McGee with a mad slam on the poster. Shortly thereafter, Demand America had a triple consequence and Golden State sat down for the first time. After the first 12 minutes it was 28:21.

Warriors-Threesome Set Phoenix to — Suns will find no answer

In this phase, the Suns Mikael Bridges missed, which had to be treated with a fired little finger, but later came back. For the time being, the Warriors used up to 13 meters. Curry was much better in his rhythm, with a threesome he had a little luck, when the ball danced over the ring and fell in, then hammered a step back through the Reuse. Already in the second quarter, the chef had more points on the account than in the complete last duel.

However, the engine now stuttered something. Golden State put 9 litters in a row next to it, the guests answered with an 8: 0 course and were back to the half-time break again in beat distance (51:48 Warriors). It did not take long after the side change, until the households were once again won the upper hand.

Again, curry put the suns too, but the teammates did not lump. Three Warriors triples in a row, starting with curry about Wiggins to Poole, brought the dubs away. Phoenix now had to nibble on the intense Warrior's defense, which did not allow easy degrees. 12 of 13 SUNS attempts landed on the ring, Golden State sat down on 14 meters again, and it went with 80:68 in the final portion.

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McGee (6 and 7 rebounds) had a good scene to start the last passage, but then PAYTON II submerged a threesome, a little later another crazing dunk and green as well as Toscano-Anderson raised the lead. This grew to +24 and Curry and Co. had early work. The next duel of the two top teams of the Western Conference is at the Christmas Day.