Karlsruher Sc extended with technical ladder Necat aygün

Since February 2020, ex-professional Begun has supported the Baden in the sporting guide level as technical leader. The contract with the 41-year-old was now extended for two more years.

Fifa 17 Karrieremodus Karlsruher SC #6 Zusammen zum Erfolg!!! Neat meets an important interface position with us. We work very tightly and very well in all sporting topics such as cad rime planning or transfers. Especially the scouting department we were able to significantly expand over the past two years, praised Sports Managing Director Oliver Freezer Begun the official statement of the second division. Also, for the NLS Neat act as an important contact person. That's why I am very happy to take a pleasure to continue the way together.

Begun himself, who was active as central defender to his career end of 2014 for 1860 Munich, the SPV GG Interacting, the MTV Duisburg, the SV Tannhauser and for Besides Istanbul, underlined the narrow and trusting cooperation with Oliver Freezer, coaching team, NLS and scouts as well as the positive development that the second division is currently taking.