Cheap graphics cards: NVIDIAS Next GPU

Current graphics cards are in short supply. The result: RTX 3070 and Co. are currently sold for moon prices. Nvidia, however, attracts another graphics card ace on 7 December from the sleeve, which could possibly improve the situation slightly — because a new edition of the RTX 2060 is in the starting blocks.

Update from 02. December 2021: So it's official. On his American website Nvidia has quietly and secretly adapted the technical data of the RTX 2060 and also reveal the publication date of the new old graphics card. The new edition of the mid-range GPU should start already on 07. December — i.e. in a few days (Source: Nvidia US / only call VIA VPN).

However, if Nvidia continues to keep behind Mountain, the graphics card is piled. Objected, the manufacturer revealed that the new model deals with a premium version of RTX 2060 and NVIDIA expect that the price reflects this. (Source: The Verge)

However, a concrete indication is little value at the current time anyway. Of course, we hope that the price of the new RTX 2060 remains as low as possible and thus leaves the general price level of the graphics cards — but the past has already shown as it probably will really run: The card is bought by scalpers within a short time and then offered at excesses prices on eBay and Co.

Due to the high demand and the small offer, the reputable dealers will then increase prices. We still press the thumbs that exactly that does not happen.

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Old graphics card in new hoses: Nvidia should work on improved RTX 2060

The rumor has been holding for months: According to various sources, NVIDIA internally works for a long time on a new edition of the RTX 2060. The mid-range graphics card of the Turing era appeared almost 3 years ago, costing the market start 370 euros and considered many players as a favorable entry into the world of ray tracing GPUs.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened on the market, especially at the prices. Thanks to the hardware crisis, the successor of RTX 2060, the RTX 3060, current property and like 800 euros. Absolute sucker, considering that the performance jump between the two cards is quite noticeable, but does not queries such a price increase.

According to some reports, in almost two weeks Nvidia, however, still seems to be able to pull another ass out of the sleeve, which could bring something momentum into the graphics card market again: a revival of the RTX 2060. The new version of the old graphics card should be in contrast to the original this time be equipped with 12 instead of 6 GB VRAM.

And the power consumption also falls higher than those of the predecessor models. Instead of 160 watts, NVIDIA seems to play a consumption of 184 watts. Thus, the new model would even be a power hungrier than the super variant of the RTX 2060, which could have a positive effect on the performance. In addition, the card should offer 2,176 CUBA cores — the same number, which also came in the RTX 2060 super used (Source: Videocam).

In other words, the new RTX 2060 with 12 GB VRAM could easily reach the same level of performance of the RTX 2060 Super, which is just under 10 percent behind the RTX 3060.

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What should the new RTX 2060 cost?

An official statement to the targeted retail price is not yet. Nvidia has not even expressed itself if the card is actually in production.

However, the rumor kitchen seems to be expected that the new edition of the RTX 2060 is just under $300 (converted about 267 euros) (Source: WCFTECHT). In the price, however, it should not be an EIA, but about the actual market price.


Hardware crisis escalates: AMD & Nvidia graphics cards are still more expensive

Robert Cowlick

No one can say if this guess is true. In times of the hardware crisis, however, the new RTX 2060 is likely to become a real pricing ranger, the dealers should actually call such fighting prices. We are curious and keep up to date.