BBL boss wood sour: That's no perspective

The prospect of ghost games has triggered frustration and existential fears in the professional port. It is the idea that the professional sport is a symbol to clarify the population the seriousness of the situation, and the professional sport must pay what he has not caused himself, criticized the managing director of BBL, Stefan Wood, on Wednesday Decision of the federal and the countries of the day before.

Accordingly, because of the rapid spread of the omicron variant of the Coronavirus of 28 December, no viewers are admitted to all major events — including the sport. From an necrological point of view, nothing speaks against 2G plus with test, FFP2 mask or booster vaccine with test to let a few hundred people in the hall, Wood of the DPA said.

What Is S-P-F LUMBER? (S-P-F Vs. SYP...What's The Difference?? Lumber Markings/Softwood Varieties) Already now the almost two years Corona crisis have given the top clubs in the most important team sports in Germany considerable shortfall. The hopes for improvement are past by the advent of the new virus variant for the time being. Especially in basketball, ice hockey and handball, in which the ticket revenues form a much larger share of the budget of clubs than in football, the worries grow up to despair.

That has extreme effects

What happens to the next Corona variant? And then it's forever so on? That's no perspective, Wood said. The financial situation for the basketball clubs is his statement after totally difficult, simply critical. Not every club will survive, he warned. Managing Director Nils Pittman from the Bundesliga Lion Braunschweig shared this assessment. That has extreme effects and is for all except the football-threatening threatening, he said the Braunschweig Dating.