All we know about Fire Emblem Three Houses & 039; Cendre wolves of the fourth house

Fire Emblem: Three houses won the bomb by launching a trailer that reveals the fourth house, the Ashen Wolves. Nicknamed the secret shadow of Garret Mach, the new house includes four new characters who will participate in the additional parallel history that will be published on February 13th. Although we do not know much about new characters right now, here's what we know so far about the four new characters presented in the trailer of Cindered Shadows.

Cindered Shadows Battle #4 “A Harrowing Escape” Walkthrough: Fire Emblem Three Houses YURI

Yuri is the head of the house of the ash wolves. He explains in his dialogue that the students of the house are impatient, but without a teacher to guide them. Although it would appreciate that its classmates are under the direction of a teacher, he hesitates to engage Wyeth and the other Garret Mach students in the conflict with whom they face.

Yuri's class is not known, but it is shown that it changes place with let in one of the new cards, making it capable of being able to use the magic of faith and swords. This could make him a grand master, similar to the Robin's class of Fire Emblem: awakening, but we will have to discover more information are revealed.


Constance in the trailer gives an exhibition on the square of the ash wolves, explaining what Abyss is once that Wyeth goes to the secret hide. She is also a new class in the game called Dark Flier, who is able to handle the magic and the spears of Reason as seen from the previous element of the Fire Games. From what we saw, she is a confident thresher.


Malthus is the hard to cook the War Master class, which is happening for the all-powerful king of grappling. It has a hero relic called Varja-Mushti, which also has a combat art called Enema Gale. We do not currently know which ridge he has who makes him able to handle the legendary weapon. Due to its ability to use Varja-Mushti, it could have a huge important role in the parallel history.