A user who reproduces the Low Polish grape lost from FF14 with paper craft!

Square Enix Co., Ltd. (株式 会社 スクウェア · エニックス, Kabushiki-Gaisha Fukuoka Enikkusu) is a Japanese firm that creates and releases computer game and also manga. The firm is understood mainly for its function computer game, consisting of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. It is in some cases improperly marked by the old name of among its branches, SquareS oft. The company was born to acquire Square soft by Unix.

Square Enix is ​​MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV during service development. At the latest patch 6.01 delivered in this work, a user who has a nation that has been fixed mainly in overseas is a unique form that has been a unique form.

A low-ropy grapes has spread its existence through overseas SNS, and gains a popularity to record 11.9 million retweets and 117,000 Like at the time of article writing. However, in the Lavilyinsos, polygon is added to grapes that have been reduced by the polygon to reduce the weight of memory in the area for memory weight reduction in the area You ※ However, to the same quality as Crystaurum. It is described, and it was not possible to see that figure.

Overseas Player Starlit Rose reproduces the picture of grapes into a paper craft and reproduces the lost too low portrait. She also has a Christmastime, and she posted a picture that is decorated as a home ornament. Besides, there are many people who are reproduced as well, and they are attracting popularity.

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