9 free games you can not let escape to enjoy at Christmas without spending money

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The video game market has expanded enough to have many options of free games with which to enjoy without having to go through a box. The titles known as Free-to-Play are a blessing, since they allow investing many hours without having to pay a single cent; Although later, they invite you to pay certain cosmetic or advantage contents in the form of microtransactions. Something optional that you will only do if you feel the need.

In case you do not have controlled what the free-to-play games are basically proposed that can be downloaded to the different systems -consoles, mobile devices or PC- without having to pay anything for the product. Access is quite complete in most cases, but it is true that this type of product includes totally optional payment features to, generally, aesthetic improvements that simply serve to have a distinctive character; They do not usually give benefits or advantages in the game, so that it is not unfair to play against someone who does leave money.

League of Legends is one of the referents in this field. The Mob de Riot Games began using this format since its inception and has become both one of the reference video games and in the most important esport in the world, where its players compete for being the best on the planet in exciting games. In recent times, titles like Fortnite have copied this media power, being cultural references and the passage so that many, especially the youngest, take their first steps measured within the video game sector.

So, to take into account all the options that are like that in the market, we will collect xx incredible games that you can enjoy totally free. Some are well known, others not so much. But all with the common denominator of your gratuity. Ideal to entertain the smallest without having to leave the salary in video games.

Puncture in the titles to know more about each game