Xbox Cloud Gaming officially arrives at Xbox Series X

Xbox Game PGame Passs is a Microsoft subscription service for use with Xbox One and Xbox Series game consoles, Game Pass well Game Pass on Windows 10 and 11. Describes Game Pass the Netflix for computer game, the Xbox Game PGame Passs allows Players to have access to a game brochure of different publishers for a single monthly registration rate. The solution wGame Pass releGame Passed on June 1, 2017, while customers at Xbox Live Gold acquired priority accessibility on May 24. At the E3 2019, Microsoft reveals the arrival of the Xbox Game PGame Passs on computer, originally in beta Game Pass well Game Pass in the Ultimate variation. The solution represent 27 January 2021 greater than 18 million clients.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Lands on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. All users subscribed to Xbox Game PGame Passs Ultimate will be able to use the catalog through the Internet, without the need to install them on your hard drive. A total of 25 countries now have November 17, with functionality, Spain included.

How to download the update on your console

The function is now available via update in your consoles. In Xbox Series X requires a download of 694 MB. If it does not appear when you start the interface you must go to the settings menu. In the System tab you will see an option called Updates. The first box will be enabled so that you start downloading.

Once the installation is completed you will see a message dedicated to Xbox Cloud Gaming. From that moment every time you enter the Xbox Game PGame Passs Ultimate tab you will see a cloud symbol in most games. That means that the title in question hGame PGame Passspatibility with the function. When you click it will appear in great install everything. Right at your side appears play. Click and access almost instantaneously to the game.

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Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One - Official Xbox Cloud Gaming Launch Trailer

Game Pass we said, not all subscription titles have support with the cloud. You must always look at the symbol ; If you have it, it is within the program. Once inside you will access the same game you would have if you had installed it. All progress you make will be saved in your Xbox Live profile. You want to continue on mobile, browser or in the console itself, nothing will put you limits. Naturally your Internet connection will mark the performance and stability of the session.

One of the most interesting elements is that Xbox One will also benefit from Xbox Gaming Cloud. In it, you can play titles that are currently only available at Xbox Series X | S within the same console family. We talk about The Medium, The Rift breaker and recompile. From Redmond, they point out that they work improving the function and expanding the library in the cloud to include more new generation games. Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example, will reach the cloud at the beginning of 2022.