WOW: The 9.2 patch is revealed on November 11

While the 9.1.5 patch take its courses on World of Warcraft, it is already the time for developers to tackle as a result. And to keep a good communication with the players, a live dedicated to the presentation of the 9.2 wow patch is scheduled for November 11. But this news does not happen alone, since an enigma regarding the events to come accompanies it.

How to follow the live Patch 9.2 live?

The live scheduled to present WOW 9.2 patch is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11 at 19:00 on the YouTube channel of the game. This stream will be a preview of future events, but also planned changes and novelties. For latecomers, it will always be possible to find the announcement video later on the same YouTube channel.

SHADOWLANDS! PATCH 9.1.5! PATCH 9.2 ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW? - WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5 (Livestream) SUR the YouTube channel from 19:00.

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What can we expect from the next update

As always, a new major patch is accompanied by a new raid, preceded by a series of introductory quests. The rest of the history of shadow lands should therefore continue (and perhaps conclude) with this chapter. However, it is also likely that a dungeon and zone be announced for the occasion.