Trash Quest: Cute Metroidvania

Fight in Trash Quest through a linked labyrinth of rooms of a space station, while your robot destroys, power-ups collects and abbreviations. This cute metroidvania platformer without checkpoints, with dynamic action and pixel style graphics of developer Francis Race appears in December for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X.

plays as a raccoon

You play as a raccoon who does not take care of the complex defensive systems, a raccoon who only takes care of getting his dirty hands on the trunk of the station, which loves this fluffy creature in this space adventure the most.

Fight and enemies

Trash Quest | Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch | Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X

Explores a maze of spaces of space of the room station, while her nasty robot crashes and poses strong bosses. In the course of the game, the degree of difficulty of the opponents is steadily increasing, but the more familiar you become with the game mechanics, the easier it is to defeat them.

zero control points

The game progress is saved automatically. There is only one spawn point where players appear again every time they die. But all power-ups, skills or abbreviations that you have unlocked are retained.

pixel graphics

Trash Quest offers pixel graphics and a unique soundtrack that is inspired by classic video games and gets the attention of retro gaming fans.

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Metroidvania platformer without checkpoints Cute protagonist — you play as a raccoon Dynamic action and difficult boss fights Pixel graphics and a unique soundtrack

Now look at the raccoon Announcement Trailer for Trash Quest: