The wheel of time: Fantastic trailer just before the start of the series!

Amazon seems to want to secure the fantasy crown. Because Netflix celebrated with the Witcher s great success, the streaming competitor still the heavy guns of the fantasy world are imminent: In addition to the upcoming series in the master of the-rings cosmos of Tolkien already exists November 19, 2021, the filming of the wheel of the time (AKA Wheel of Time), whose new episodes will appear weekly — on December 24th there is then the relay final. A second season is already confirmed, which speaks for confidence from Amazon!

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One of the largest fantasy rows of the world

The Fantasy Series of Time (Wheel of Time) is famous for its scope and has many fans worldwide. The story started in 1990, with the first novel The Eye of the World. Since then, a total of 14 volumes have appeared whose stories are partially loosely connected, but still take place in the same world. The original author Robert Jordan died in 2007, which is why the fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has finished his work for him.

Who plays in the wheel of the time with?

Madeleine Madden plays GENE AL VERY Barney Harris plays Mat Caution Zoe Robins plays Nave Josh Stradowski plays Rand Al Thor Marcus Rutherford plays Person Aymara Daniel Henna plays Al LAN Mandalorian Michael Mcelhatton plays Tam Al Thor

The Wheel Of Time – Official Trailer | Prime Video Are you looking forward to the starting signal of the series? Have you already read the novels? Can you recommend you to others? Well then out of it — in the comment area!

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