The Series S exceeds the sales of the X series in several regions

One of the greatest features of this generation for Xbox, is that two consoles that are similar and different at the same time, are currently available to all users. Series X is the most powerful platform, while SERIES S is a more economical option and focused on the digital market. To the surprise of some people, The latter has managed to surpass his older brother in sales in several countries.

???????? How to CHANGE STORE REGION Xbox Series X o Xbox Series S According to an analysis by Ampere Analysis, SERIES S has surpassed the sales of the X series in multiple regions. The investigation points out that this is mainly due to the fact that the shortage of chips has made it to achieve a series x it is more complicated than necessary.

Next to this, it is mentioned that the emphasis on digital games, as well as the reduced price, are extremely attractive for the current market. At this point, Christopher During of Games industry.BIZ pointed out that the digital sales of Call of Duty: Vanguard in Xbox were 90% in the United Kingdom. Even in this region the units of the Xbox Series X and S are 50/50.

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Editor s note:

The Xbox Series S is a good console. After a year with my series S, the only complaint that I have is space, and just that. This piece of hardware works great, and its price makes anyone interested in your reach the best experiences of Xbox.

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