The Nofv Oberligen go to the winter break

A recruitment of the game operation is in the interests of curbing the pandemic as well as the societal situation, to this determination came a majority in the crisis staff of the NOV. Thus, the amateur game classes, including the two men's Oberlin Nofv-Nord and Nofv-Süd, is interrupted until 31.12.2021. The same applies to the women's Regionally, Junior Regional, Futsal Regionally, which are also organized by the Nov. In the men's Regionally Northeast, the game operation is continued until further notice.

Final East German First League Teams: Where Are They Now?

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In the two northeast supervised, 14 game days have been completed so far. Until Christmas, however, after the original game plan there were another four — so the 18th match day should still on 19.12. Rise. With the passage to the premature winter break, the NOV is now appointment problems in the house: The resident bodies will deal with the resumption of the game operation in 2022 and other competitive measures and develop proposals, including involvement of associations, says in the New message.