The Gunk - The last Xbox exclusive of the year has a release

Shortly before the end of the year, we expect an exciting new IP on the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. The new exclusive title The Gunk now has a release date. In addition, it is known that the action game comes right from the first day in the Game Pass. We reveal you when the new title of the Dreamworld team appears and what to come to you.

Release date

It s about it: The Xbox Exclusive The Gunk has been presenting itself as part of the Thunderous World Event in a new trailer. This reveals the release date of the Action game of Dreamworld Mather inside: on 16 . December 2021 You can put a special threat on a seemingly dead planet. The title also ends up directly in the Game Pass.

What s still in the trailer? Fiona Nova introduces us in the new nearly two-minute video. She is the spokeswoman of Ran and also reveals us what was particularly exciting at her work for the Xbox title.

Here you can watch gameplay:

That awaits you in The Gunk

The Gunk, the title of the game, is at the same time the name of a parasite that drives his misconduct on a supposedly dead planet. The main characters of the game randomly encounter him, while they are actually on a looting tour in space to fill their pockets.

In this article we introduce you to the game in detail:

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Instead, they take on the fight against the gunk and his nasty mucus, which has destroyed the blooming life on the planet. However, some team members are more motivated than others, which are supposed to relax exciting conflicts.

To fight the mucus, we get a kind of sucker in the gun. In addition, we can probably explore a lot and test our skill in Platforming passages.

Are you looking forward to the gunk, and what do you expect from this action game?