The community of SMT burns against IGN by a review

As has already become a tradition in this industry, a game that has not yet reached the market has become the center of attention, since a review mentioned something that players did not like. On this occasion, IGN and its review Shin Mega mi Tense V have been the goal of negative comments during the last days, and is that the international environment mentioned that the new work of Atlas is Person without a heart.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Review

On November 4, the reviews of shin mega mi tense v began to leave. Usually, the reception was positive, with some 100 and several 90. However, was the review of IGN which caught attention by its constant comparisons with person 5. In response, fans have not stopped attacking In the environment and the writer of the review, Leana Heifer, accusing them not to know what they are talking about.

Although it is true that SAFER s review in some sections can be read as someone who has not tried a game of Shin Mega mi Tense in the past, it is important to mention that comparisons are not unjustifiable. To begin, Both person and SMT are developed by Atlas and have a series of similar systems, but they are their stories, settings, issues, mechanics and RPG combats where we find the differences.

Similarly, SAFER has since mentioned that the review of it was written for those who are person fans, and want me that shin mega mi tense v is the first installment of it in the series. As much as the SMT community wants to let us know that person is just a spin-off, the numbers are relevant to understand this debate. With more than 4.6 million copies sold, Persona 5 is positioned, not only as the most successful game of this franchise, but exceeds the combined sales of still and Smith.

Faced with all these comments, SAFER has shared the following message:

I understand that SMT fanatics of the main line are tired of having their favorite series compared to person, which has become much more popular even though it does not work and feel that Atlas has left them behind. That makes a lot of sense for me. 100% fair reviews.

I do not live in that world, so I did not know it was an important point of pain that has existed for years, and would probably have reduced the comparisons of P5 if I had done it. Then, if that is your main problem with the review: Yes, just. I appreciate those of you who are not being toxic.

As always, both sides have their respective points in favor and against. However, the hate attacks that SAFER has received in recent days are not justifiable. To all this, where is our review? Do not worry, Atomic is ​​already working hard on it, and you can know our opinion soon.

Shin Mega mi Tense V will arrive at the Nintendo Switch on November 12. On related topics, this game will have a PAGE DLC during its launch.

Editor s note:

Although it is true that the review was able to function in a better way with fewer references to Persona 5, and some of SAFER s words could be carefully selected, comparisons with Atlas s most popular work are necessary for the public to understand very well what Type of experience awaits you. As always, it would be best to try first hand a product, but not everyone can do that. Spoilers: shin mega mi tense v is worth it.