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[Eye News 24 Municipal Service] Nixon Kit went to earn earnings.

Nixon Kit (Representative Shin Hi Han) disclosed 10 days of sales of W15.6bn, operating profit of W8.7bn and W8.5bn in the third quarter of 2021.

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Sales increased by 179% YoY and operating profit and net profit of operating profit and net profit. OP margin recorded 56%.

The Nixon Kit, achieved the largest earnings, achieved the largest earnings in the second quarter, has achieved Cumulative sales of W41.3bn, operating profit W21.8bn in the third quarter, in 3Q09. Sales and operating profit have grown 97% and 654%, respectively, respectively.

This year, the third quarter sales of the agreement with the 16th anniversary of service increased by 211% YoY. In the past two quarters, the rapid growth rate of more than three digits has recorded more than a number of growth rates of two consecutive declines in the seventh quarter and showed off the steadfast.

The box office of Sudden Attack was directly linked to OP margin with Nixon sales growth in 2021. From the first quarter of this year, Nixon Kit s operating margin reached 40% and exceeded 50% in the third quarter.

The leading director of the Sudden Attack, said Yunnan Director, said, We have been updating from the middle of the meals, to maximize the fun of the fun of the fun of the fun of the fun, based on the short and fast game performance, I will give you a new achievement and fun to make a new achievement and fun.

Nixon Tea is a new growth-based PC Online New Project, which will be a new growth engine. Shin Highway Nixon s Tea said, As the second prime minister, Nixon Kit is the second prime period, and it has been in a rugged box office this year. I plan to prepare for the sale.