Some players demand that New World solves his biggest problem and immediately

The MMO New World continues to suffer from a fantastic release with players fading. That s the biggest problem with current MMO for many players. Without players many activities are not possible. Although New World plans to merge servers, but that s not fast enough players.

What is the biggest problem of New World now? In the eyes of many players New World suffers just because are online simultaneously on many servers too few players. New World but it designed as a MMO that a server is alive.

Through the free server transfers are some players rather empty servers seem to switch back to the busy servers. This exacerbates the problem on the servers with few players.

My server is unplayable

On platforms such as Reddit some games express themselves now on the effects on solid player loss on their server:

The user Trevorjrt6 says: My server is just very quickly unplayable. Each city descends to level 2 or 3 after loosing majority on 4 and 5 were. If this continues, we will soon be able to craft anything in Endgame more. The game requires an active server, otherwise the systems break down. That now has to be priority number one, which is more important than any bug to fix otherwise.

Jeremy9931 says his server is after the big guilds with the server transfer is to a maximum of 300 people down away. The villages would be downgraded, and the invasions are not full: Send half please he asks Mojo in 2241 says: Oh God, I have my server grade checked and only is 9% Pulsating with 177 people.

I am also transferred to a full server

Is that a problem in Germany? We had that New World is planning to Mango on Sunday an article about merge server. In the comments, many recognize the problem:

Threefold wrote: I am also transferred to a full server. On my old Server 1000 users were active on average and that is simple, if you do not depend on too little forever in queues. [...] At least Outpost they had to leave pool cues per server pool that would ever provide relaxation. A user with bar code name says: The system scaled terribly bad. If there are more, can too few participate and players get nothing. Are there a few less, not enough it again more to work well, which is one way or another at some point to a bigger problem.

How are you now? Amazon has announced the server mergers on the horizon are. It wants to but be careful because in the past a lot went wrong.

Who is stuck as a player on a dead server, which the server transfers can but apparently did not come fast enough. They crowd in postings Amazon to hurry: the game do so simply not fun.

rural exodus as a problem in New World

What is the problem? New World has absolutely seen many players, but they have too few players for the many servers, they have open-phase release during stormy by the dozen.

New World seems to have really thought so that you have to play with a certain number players per server: If you have too many players on a server, there are long queues and frustration. If you have too few, many activities separate from the game.

On the other hand give these limited server the game a unique feel to actually play on a world many knows others in one. That s exactly MMORPG feeling that many have missed in modern MMORPGs.

Something is still terribly wrong with New World and certain GPUs!! BEWARE!!!!!! Now Amazon has but quickly find a way how to solve the problem.

By server transfers, the dead server syndrome has apparently intensified.

Meanwhile, there are also some players who praise the Amazon and watch New World as improved:

While some claim New World is dead, players say: Comes back, is much better now