SK Telecom, 3Q09 OP INTERNATIONAL...............................................................................................................................................................................................

SK Telecom announced on the 10th that it has recorded the earnings of 4 trillion won, sales of 4 trillion won, operating profit of 4 trillion won, operating profit of W40bn and net profit of W76.5bn.

Last year, sales and operating profit increased by 5.0% and 11.7%, respectively. Pull net profit increased by 88.0% YoY due to the influence of SK Unix equity method profit.

The NO business was robust to the telecommunication market leadership, and 2.9% YoY to W27.4bn, which increased by 2.9% YoY. New ICT sales continued to grow in the center of the media business and fusion security business, and 6.9% YoY to KRW 1,6309 billion won.

■ 5g 865 million... Subscription Services Metabus Masseuse

The NO business considers mobile communication business leadership, including 5G, and sales increased by 2.9% YoY W27.4bn and operating profit increased by 21.9 billion won.

As of the end of September, 5G subscribers are 865 million. In the second quarter, 950,000 people increased.

SK Telecom has been new to the third quarter subscription service T Space and Meta Bus Services Island and expanding the infrastructure service of the data center and cloud business.

In July, Island plans to grow into an open platform to participate directly by users directly to create a new world, and plans to grow into a national representative metabus service.

Auguster subscription services T universe is a policy that leads to the scope of distribution on the product and expands the distribution network for the subscription product.

The cloud business is based on a 5G MEC and a dedicated line infrastructure, such as AI, DT-based differentiated competitiveness, based on global top-level cloud operators and expanding industrial IOT businesses for various industries such as manufacturing security financing.

■ SK Broadband Maximum Quarter Sales... Fusion Security SK Shell Director

The New ICT business has reached 32.8% of the business and fusion security (S & C) business in total sales in total sales.

The media business has achieved a maximum annual sales of W124.4bn, which has increased by 6.1% YoY, with sales of IPTV subscribers,

Operating profit increased by 21.3% to W78.6bn.

The SK Broadband has secured a total of 8,900,000 IPTV subscribers to secure 115,000 IPTV subscribers in the third quarter, and achieved a total of 8 ~ 3Q quasi-subscribers this year.

Wave continued to continue the original content such as Wonder Woman and Black Sun, and the effect of HBO sole content supply and so on.

The fusion security business has been aggregated by sales and operating profit to 12.4% and 11.8%, respectively, respectively, and W37.7bn, respectively, respectively, respectively.

The S & C business changed the mission of the ADT caps last month for the leap to the Life Care platform to SK Achilles last month. SK Achilles contains customers, society, and we will make the environment that everyone can make a relieved environment. SK Achilles presented the goal of expanding the proportion of cybersecurity and new business sales by 2025.

The Commerce business recorded 2.7 billion won, which has grown 1.4% YoY, as efforts such as ignorance market growth and delivery service differentiation, despite intensifying competition.

11th I went to Amazon Global Store service, and SK Telecom s subscription product T Universe has made an innovation service such as shipping overseas direct items.

SK Stoop resents a variety of products through differentiated product planning and maintains solid profitability, which continues 15.5% of sales in the previous year.

Ti gap Mobility has secured growth momentum by sequentially launching agents, plus membership and pick-up services. In addition, UTI (UT) integrated the existing Ti map Taxi app with the Global Foreign app to enrichment to strengthen the taxi market competitiveness.

BTS ads are the best ???? The Conestoga has achieved a goal of continuing a continuous transaction growth in 13Q, and the goal of evolving into the Global Multi OS Content Platform beyond the Korea Mobile App Market.

■ Successful corporation split... New leap

SK Telecom successfully completed human division for a new leap on November 1, and SK Telecom, an AI & Digital Infrastructure company, SK Telecom, Semiconductor ICT Investment Company SK Square.

SK Telecom is scheduled to raise achievement of 15 trillion won by 2020 to 22 trillion won in 2025, and will promote the three core businesses in wired and wireless communications, AI services and digital infrastructure services.

SK Square plans to engage in the first half of the Korean ICT industry through a major portfolio asset such as semiconductor, media, security, and commerce. Currently, we presented the net asset value of 26 trillion won to 75 trillion won in 2025.

Kim Jin-won, SK Telecom CFO, SK Telecom and SK Square have provided a new leap scaffolding through successful divisions, he said, I plan to grow into a company that will be the biggest love to customers by increasing corporate value based on robust market leadership and innovation. I said.