RetroCompatibility and FPS BOOST Extended on Xbox Series X

Xbox Game Studios is a Division of American Software Worrying Microsoft, which is responsible for the growth as well as publication of computer games for the Windows OS and the internal video game gaming consoles of the Xbox brand. The section works as a computer game publisher. Previous names of the division were Microsoft Games (2000-2001), Microsoft Game Studios (2001-2011) as well as Microsoft Studios (2011-2019). The Xbox Game Studios publish video clip games of various programmer studios belonging to Microsoft, such as Moving Studios, Rare, Ninja Concept, Inside Home Entertainment, Bethesda Game Studios or Obsidian Home entertainment, yet likewise publish computer game from independent designer studios.

If it is that retrocompatibility remains at the heart of the XBOX strategy, Microsoft has announced new initiatives for the catalog classics. In concrete terms, it is 76 games that join the retro program, including the Max Payne trilogy, while 37 titles of the old generations, of which 11 unpublished, are entitled to a passage through the box FPS Boost, for a gain of fluidity far from to be negligible.

The constant demands of Xbox fans for specific titles and improvements have encouraged the retrocompatibility team to partner with the original creators to preserve thousands of games on more than four generations of Xbox., so declared Peggy LO, the Compatibility Program Manager at XBOX. Microsoft had nevertheless considered the file as closed, but obviously took the time to reopen it. And some titles, like Fallout: New Vegas, near, Binary Domain or still Sonic Generations will probably be much more at their ease with a boost of frame rated, without forgetting of course two fable on three and the entirety of the Saga Gears of War.

Up to 120 FPS with FPS BOOST ON XBOX SERIES X with some backwards compatible games

Each original Xbox or Xbox 360 game added today will support the HDR Auto on Series X | S; The original Xbox Games will also be eligible for an increase in their resolution, 4x on the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, 3x on the Xbox Series S and lined on Xbox One S and Xbox One. The FPS Boost feature will also be deployed on 33 classics available in Cloud.

But a priori, it will really be the last time the teams of Microsoft will look on the subject. Ban that we continued to focus on the preservation and improvement of the artistic form of the Games, we have reached the limits of our ability to include new games from the catalog past, due to licensing, legal and technical constraints. Explains Peggy Lo. We take bets.

The 76 retro-compatible games

List of games that receive the FPS Boost