PS4 players love the new free role play

PS4 players subscribed to PlayStation Plus love one of the free Games of PS Plus of November. Since the penultimate month of 2021, PS Plus subscribers have received six free games, which is twice the amount they normally get. One of these six games, which were available yesterday, is Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, a Remaster of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning that was launched on September 8, 2020 through Thq Nordic.

As you could know, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is widely known as a classic worship role game. In general, those who have played it, have enjoyed it. However, it is a cult classic for a reason. It was not sold very well, that is, not many people have played it. With your free remastery with PlayStation Plus, this will change. It remains to be seen if these people will like, but many subscribers have already begun to talk about the game on the PlayStation Plus Reddit page.

« Mellos de amula is giving me as much nostalgia. I forgot how much I loved this game on PS3 «, wrote a subscriber about the game. I do not know how the others were felt about this game, but I love simple and fun mechanics. It is very satisfactory.

It was a phenomenal game. [It is] It is a pity that the study was surrounded by so much drama, incompetence and bad management, added another user. A great story, a huge world, great gameplay... I can not wait to get home and download it.

8 New Games November (2 FREE GAMES)

Of course, there are many subscribers with things less than positive than saying about the game, but it seems that in the alignment, the ReSaster is generating the greatest interest along with Knockout City and the persistence. Having said that, if you have not done so, be sure to consult also The Walking Dead: Santos and sinners and hasta that you fall, two very solid PlayStation VR games. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially with PlayStation, including the latest related to PS4, PS5, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, click here.