Pokémon Luminous Pearl: Speedrunner finishes the game in less than an hour

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That it lacks the new edition of the 4th generation, Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl, at challenge, we have already screamed in our test to the games. For 20 hours, we still needed for the adventure in the Singh region.

If a Speed runner ends the titles now in less than one hour, then that is not about the lack of difficulty, but numerous glitches. Speed runner and YouTuber Webster impressively demonstrates in his video how quickly one comes through the Pokémon remakes — if you have a few tricks in the sleeve.

On the way to the glory hall — with two Pokémon

And while Werner still chooses one of the three starters in the first five minutes, his Speed run will soon turn into a single glitch festival, where he does not leave a stone on the other. With the help of a menu glitch, not only skips the laboratory scene and the catch tutorial, but also walks from 7:00 out of bounds so outside the game world imagined for players.

One and a half later he lands on Route 212 and shortly thereafter in Magdeburg, the city of the fourth arena and has thus cut several playing hours overrun. A little later, he begins a Baseline who will remain the only team member along with his starter Linda — until the credits.

It is particularly spectacular again towards the end, more precisely, from about 45:00 where he skips the rival fight and the top 4 with the help of a glitch, only to walk past champ Cynthia to the glory hall and that To finish game. He owed that skillfully one of the heaviest struggles in the franchise, where you also have to nibble in normal playing.

In the video description, Webster does not only call the glitches used by him, but also does the broken state of the games responsible for his performance. Shortly after release, a series of technical problems had appeared: Players were able to cloned Pokémon or have involuntarily detained at a certain point of the seventh arena and thus messed up their score by caravel.

Source: Webster on YouTube

Pokemon Shining Pearl Speedrun in 50:36 (First Ever Sub 1 Hour!)

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