Pokémon Go: Community Day November 2021 - flickering, sparks and glow

Update of 16 November 2021: There is news for Community Day in November 2021 Pokémon Go! On Twitter the people of Ni antic have carved out some interesting goodies that you expect not only to Community Day in November, but in December the 2,021st

During Community Day in November 2021 you will receive up to free three Raid passes from Arenas (11/21/2021, between 11:00 and 19:00) The exchange of Pokémon costs 25 percent less stardust (11/21/2021, between 11:00 and 19:00) From 11/21/2021 the capacity of the Pokémon storage is increased to 5.000, and the capacity of the item bag at 4,000 As of Community Day in December 2021 capacity of the Pokémon storage unit is increased to 5500, and the capacity of the Item bag to 4,500

Fans ask for a discount on the purchase of item bag and Pokémon Storage-Plus, which cost both 200 Pokémünzen. But you should not expect it.

Guide to Special Research

flickering spark and glow — Step 1/4

Use 10 power ups for Pokémon — Reward: 15 x Pocketable Catch 15 Shane — Reward: encounter with Shane Accommodation 5 good throws — Reward: 20 Shane candies

reward for completing Step 1: 2000 stardust, 1 x smoke encounter with Shane

flickering spark and glow — Step 2/4

Catch 15 Shane — Reward: 30 Shane candies Free naked 10 Pokémon — Reward: encounter with Lucio Develop 3 Shane — Reward: 10 x Sananabeere

reward for completing Step 2: 1,500 experience points, 1 x smoke encounter with Shane

flickering sparks and Glow Step 3/4

Landing three great curveballs throws — Reward: 50 Shane candies Develop a Lucio — Reward: 1 x star piece Free naked 10 Pokémon — Reward: 15 x Super ball

reward for completing Step 3: 2,500 experience points, 1 x Rocket Radar, 15 x Hyperball

flickering spark and glow — Step 4/4

Automatically done — Reward: 2 x Silver Sananabeere Automatically done — Reward: encounter with Shane Automatically done — Reward: 3,500 Experience

reward for completing Step 4: 3000 stardust, 2 x special sweet encounter with Lux ray

original message of 23 October 2021: After a series rather disappointing Community Days awaits fans of Pokémon GO at Community Day in November 2021 a potential highlight: For Ni antic represents the electric Pokémon Shane into focus, which so far only in animal -1-raids was available and therefore as Shiny variant enjoys a high degree of rarity.

Shane at Community Day in November: date, attacks and bonuses

The Community Day with Shane take place on Sunday, instead of November 21, 2021, as usual between 11:00 and 17:00 hours local time. You can Shane during the event in the wild frequently encounter and catch it with the best of luck as Shiny variant.

If you develop Shane during the event or on the day of the event until 19:00 local time Lux ray, learned the latter the exclusive and not yet available in the game Psycho attack biter. This attack reduces the defense of the opposing Pokémon, creating highly effective damage to combat and Poison Pokémon.

During the event the following bonuses apply:

Eggs hatch four times faster than normal. Smoke stops at three hours. Lock module adhere to three hours. You will receive three times the amount of sweets for sending Pokémon. You have a quadruple chance of XL-candy when sending Pokémon.

As usual, you can also take out a special research again, hears the time on the title of flickering spark and glow during the Community Days in November. Buy the corresponding ticket in the shop, the Special Research unlock. You can find an appropriate guide for the individual research tasks promptly to Step.

PEMBAHASAN SEMUA EVENT POKEMON GO DI BULAN NOVEMBER 2021 Your finally have the possibility to tap a free box of 30 Hyper balls to support your hunt for the Shiny-Sheinux. Ni antic also offers for 1280 Pokémünzen a uniquely purchasable Community Day boxes on, includes the Hyper 50 balls, four smoke, four-star pieces and a top-loading TM.

We want to know from you: Are you looking forward to the Community Day with Shane? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

Source: Ni antic

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