Pokémon Diamond / Perl: Even the starters

Today Pokémon Radiant Diamond & Luminous Pearl appear for the Nintendo Switch. Anyone who has already played the originals will certainly create it quickly to the top 4 and on the throne of the Pokémon master of the Finish region. But for real Pokémon fans, the adventure begins only when it comes to hunting for particularly strong monsters and shiny. Detainees have collected every important information on the rare alternative versions punctually for the launch (via Reddit).

Which Pokémon can be Shiny?

For all Shiny hunters there is good news: There is hardly a Pokémon in Diamante and Perl, who have a Shiny lock. So you can meet almost all monsters in their alternative variants.

The exceptions: Only the two Legendary Mew and Karachi have no dazzling version. The two will be given to them if their specific requirements meets. Which ones are, you will learn here:

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Pokémon Diamond / Perl: You just get the Legendary Mew and Karachi

Starter Pokémon as Shiny: Yes, also the three initial Pokémon Che last, Pan Am and Linda can be dazzling in theory. Since you can not influence your luck with an item at the beginning of the adventure, this is extremely unlikely.

How do I get the starters as Shiny? If you do not want to do without a Shiny starter, you just have to restart the game and play back to the sequence in which we can select one of the three starters. But attention: The selection screen does not show you yet if one of the monsters is scheduled, you will learn only in the menu.

An overview of the starters with all evolutions, can be found here:

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Pokémon Diamond / Perl: Starter Pokémon and its developments at a glance

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In Diamond and Perl there is a new area for Legendarys:

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Everything about Shiny in Pokémon Diamante and Perl

How to Get SHINY STARTERS in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl!

What are Shiny? With the Shiny, called a Pokemon in German, are randomly occurring monsters, which have a different coloring than normal and equipped with better stats. The Shiny, however, are so rare that at a normal game passage, you may not even meet a single one of them.

What Pokémon Diamante and Perl has everything to offer, you will learn in our big test:

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Pokémon Diamond / Perl for Switch in Test: Loving Remake of a Fantastic Generation

What is the chance to meet a Shiny? As in the other generations, the probability of emerging a dazzling pocket monster in Pokémon diamond and Perl 1 to 4096. With the Shiny Amulet you can probably the probability Lift up to 1 to 1365.

New End Game Area for Legendary Pokémon

Just like the starters, legendary Pokémon can also occur as Shiny. And as with the starters, you can restore the game again and again until you meet a dazzling version. This will be rejected together with the stats for each restart of a fight. Overall, there are 19 Legendarys (with MEW and Karachi) over both versions, where four of them can only be found in Perl or Diamond.

Many of these legendary monsters are driving around in a new area, the Havanas Park. Here you can make in the final game in search of Legendarys and extremely strong Pokémon. And maybe youll meet for one or the other shiny.

Are you going to shiny hunt in Pokémon Diamante / Perl or is that too complicated?