Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl In Test: Conservative Burr Hiking

The word tradition is already capitalized in the Pokémon franchise since the beginnings with Pokémon red and blue in 1998. To date, the main series has hardly changed and has remained true in stuff implementation and game mechanics.

Just as a tradition, it belongs to bring the old games overtaken on the market with a few years of delay. With radiant diamond and luminous pearl we have now already reached the 4th generation of new editions, to wait for fans for 15 years. Did that be worth it?

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Formula in the best sense

Just like the templates Diamond and Perl From 2006, the remakes appearing on 19 November also offer a classic Pokémon experience throughout the Nintendo Switch. Almost by chance, you stumble from the idyll of your village in the world of colorful pocket monsters, gets a digital lexicon called Pokédex in the hands of the local professor and gave the order to meet and catch as many Pokémon as possible on your journey.

This journey leads you out of the picturesque two-leaf village across the entire Sin the region. As in any game of the series, it is important to collect relevant orders from eight annalists to finally reach the Pokémon league. There you challenge the top 4 and the champ out and then become the ultimate Pokémon trainer.

Gee! Right at the beginning you end up with your childhood friend and rival Barry in a dismissal situation. Good that behind you a helpful suitcase stands. What happens in it? Source: PC Games In doing so, not only your childhood friend and rival in the way, but also a team of super scores. The latter hears in bright diamond and glowing pearl on the name Team Galactic and suggests creating a new world — but in reality only destruction in mind. In addition to the round-based struggles with interactions, of course, as always the collective aspect is in the foreground. Also in the 4th generation there was after all saying and write 493 different Pokémon!

Exploration underground

First, we dedicate ourselves to the most striking feature of the 4th generation: the underground. The Singh region is crossed by a widely branched network on caves, whose exploration is worthwhile in the new editions in several ways.

You can already enter the substrate in Exigency upon receipt of the second order. There you get to the underground man who stands with tips and tricks aside and with which you should definitely stay in contact to get to know all the research mechanics. He also receives the researcher s bag with which you can then fall into the nested mining ranks.

At the mining injury, there are many treasures to discover, which you will not find in Singh otherwise. A highlight is the new stone chests in which Cool Pokémon statues are hiding. Source: The Pokémon Company / Inca There are numerous treasures hidden, which only wait to be descended from you. With a radar, her sparkling spaces on the walls, in which you then go to work in a mini-game with pickaxe and hammer to dig up the stone chests, spheres and fossils.

In the handheld mode of the switch, you can work with the touchscreen as soon as possible, who is too tedious, which uses the button control. While you can exchange the spheres in NPCs in the substrate against TMS and other practical objects, rare Pokémon statues, which are newly added in radiant diamond and luminous pearls, are hiding in the stone bricks.

A paradise for hunters and collectors

Said statues can be used to beautify your secret base. This basis is a hidden retreat, which you can build anywhere in the subsoil. While the secret base as in the 3rd generation could be decorated only with furniture, pillows and posters and served as your position for the mini-game conquer flags, it is now closely linked to the new feature of the Pokémon borrow. The substrates in the substrate are not only a paradise for Pokémon collectors but also visually a real eye-catcher through the different biotopes. For example, on the right side is a stone bolster. Source: PC Games These are different biotopes, which will be distributed everywhere in the substrate and in which you meet numerous fishing Pokémon.

In contrast to the normal gameplay, however, you do not bumper the pocket monsters in random encounters. Instead, the different species run around exactly like last in Let s Go Evil and Pikachu as well as sword and shield. So you can search specifically for copies that are still missing in your collection.

Which Pokémon appear there depends not only on the respective biotope. Even the statues already mentioned can influence which pocket monsters can be found in the substrate — depending on which of the pretty sculptures sets up in your secret base. Incidentally, the Pokémon in the substrate, the Pokémon will adapt to your story progress, whereby you will find strong members for your team at any time.

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