New World: Confusion due to Minimap Add

In the official New World forum, there are currently heated discussions about a minimal add-on of Wolf. According to recent reports, there were allegedly several players for the use of the add-ons, although the attitude of developers on this topic has not yet been clarified 100 percent. Now there is an official opinion of Amazon Game Studios.

What makes the Minimal add-on of Wolf?

In the basic version, the add-on inserts an overlay in the upper left corner of the screen on which a minimum of the closer environment can be seen. In this way, for the players eliminates the annoying up shift between the actual gameplay and the big map. The developers have actually considered this comfort as harmless.

It becomes more complicated in the extended versions of the add-on, which additionally display such things such as raw materials and secure or unsafe areas. According to the developers, this is actually inadmissible, but talks are currently running with the Wolfe team to clarify this final.

What is the reason for the current excitement?

In the official forum several players from New World (Buy €39.99) have reported in the past few hours, according to their own statements due to the use of the minimal add-on. There was allegedly no warning, which was actually promised by the developers for such cases. The annoyance is correspondingly large in the affected.

Meanwhile, Theatrics has been worded by Amazon Game Studios to comment and explain something more detailed to the current situation:

As far as I know, we have never used anyone who used Over wolf with the currently available mining, which only use the position of the character, but of course it can come to errors; its people involved, so please let us know, so please let us know If you think that s enough for you.

There were suspensions for the use of macros in the past few days, but these do not come from Over wolf. And many other locks that are not related to Over Wolf. If we have the need to lock Over wolf, we can do that via EAC. We would do that first.

Ultimately, this case clearly shows that when using add-ons — no matter in which form — a certain caution is announced. In case of doubt, you prefer the fingers of such tools.

Source: Official forum

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