Marvel s Avengers is about to add Spider-Man this month

Marvel s Avengers has experienced a difficult time lately. Well, I say lately, but really, he has had a difficult time since his launch. This last update could bring back some playstation players since they can try Spider-Man, one of the most popular heroes of all time. Everyone gets a new raid, but it s certainly not spider-man. Spider-Man and the Klaw Raid should be launched on November 30th.

Not surprisingly, the new Klaw Raid will see the players face the bad klaw. This is another reason to bring four people together to take up a difficult challenge. Klaw returned to Vibranium Mound in the hope of destroying Wakanda, and you have to stop it.

The update also brings several new and improved systems:

Shipments - The Shipping function offers a brand new way to earn cosmetics, resources and other objects strictly coveted by the game, a very requested option by the Marvel Community avengers. Each shipment costs 500 units (the currency won by playing the game) and comes from a collection of nearly 250 possible objects, with a small chance to reward a premium outfit not available via another means of acquisition. But luck is not necessary to get the outfit; Players will receive automatically after claiming 100 shipments. Increased power level - The maximum achievable power level will increase from 150 to 175. To acquire the best equipment, players need to meet the most difficult challenge of the game: the new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant SOUND. Equipment upgrade - Players will be able to recycle the equipment of a higher power level to upgrade their current equipment so that it matches the higher power level of the consumed object, with some exceptions.

In the new Spider-Man scenario, Peter Parker will work with the Avengers to prevent AIM to get your hands on a technology to strengthen its robot army. He will bind out of friendship with Mrs. Marvel and Black Widow trying to keep his secret identity and learn to work in a team.

Marvel's Avengers Game - Spider-Man DLC Release Date REVEALED! I understand that Sony has Spider-Man, but Marvel s Avengers would not have honestly had to disturb him if it should be exclusive to a platform. The game is already in trouble, and it may alienate more players because they do not have access to Spider-Man.