In Nintendo, the criticisms about the N64 Games are very serious in SWITCH

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service has been seen surrounded by the controversy after Kyoto advertised at the Nintendo Direct of September 24 a expansion package for your subscription service, in which Games of Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive and subsequently, the new expansion of Animal Crossing.

Brutally Honest N64 Switch Online Expansion Pack Review! We take the comments Doug Bowler very seriously The movement made by the company was not precisely popular, becoming the announcement of the official YouTube channel of Nintendo with more negative votes, above the Controversial Presentation of Metro id Prime Federation Force. The president of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowler, does not seem alien to the problem, and has spoken in an interview with The Vise about bad reception by fans.

We continue looking for ways to improve the general performance Doug Bowler Unfortunately, complaints About the expansion package were aggravated when during the launch of Nintendo 64 games for Nintendo Switch Online, users reported numerous problems Emulation as a bad adaptation of controls, total lack of customization on the buttons, graphic errors and latency problems.

We take us very seriously the comments, and we continue looking for forms of to improve the performance general, answered Dog Bowler criticism about the poor emulation received in the Nintendo 64 games. The President has maintained a similar speech in the recent statements about their interest in keeping retro games to the market and adding value to this service.