How to get insignists from recruit, sergeant and lieutenant in girlshin impact

Genuine Impact is an actioning computer game developed by Photo.

If you want to set up some weapons and some characters in Genshin Impact, you will need to get insignia from recruit, sergeant and lieutenant. To get them, you will have to hunt some enemies in the game and cultivate them.

For the recruit, sergeant and lieutenant insignia, you will need to cultivate the following enemies:

Easy Recruit Insignia Farming!! (1.1) | Genshin Impact Guide

Faith Skirmishers — You can find them by looking at the Bumps tab in your adventurer s manual, clicking on it will place a card marker, and you can go and fight them. You can cultivate them repeatedly, but their level will increase each time and will reset each day. Agents — All the faction leaders mistake. Electron Civil Mages — Like the Derailleurs, you can use your adventure tree manual to find them and cultivate them daily

The most important information you will need is that different types of insignia are at different levels:

Recruit insignia — Drop of lower level enemies 40 Sergeant Badges — Drop of Level 40+ enemies Lieutenant s badges — Fall 60+ level enemies

So, to get the badge you want, you have to use the manual to find one of the enemies listed above and cultivate them until they reach the level that can drop the badge you want. From our time in the game, the derailleurs certainly seem to be the best source for insignia, because their table of deposit seems to be expected before abandoning them.

The main reason is that the skirmishers tend to appear in pairs, but it s not easy fighting. Heavy elementary users, you will need to focus on one of them before you pay your attention to the other, so make sure you have a good mix of items in your group before hunting them.