Genshin Impact: Getting salt - short

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Sometimes players are a bit on the hose, and that seems to be in-game employment, such as cooking. Not without reason the prices for milk in the auction house through the ceiling — because many players do not get on the chain that milk is easy to buy at the tavern owner, for a fraction of the money.

And how is that with salt in Genuine Impact? How do you get that from? That too is relatively easy. Only sometimes, we already mentioned it, players on the proverbial hose...

... or you want to prepare a butter brat as one of the first tasks in the game for Albedo. But her butter, fish, salt and lamp herb needs. Butter can be made of milk — which is as well as salt with subsequent dealers. Fish picks her out of the water and lamp herb finds her at night in the whisper forest or Wolfenlauf.

Find in Genshin Impact salt at Donging

Genshin Impact: Where to get Salt, cooking ingredients? | Sunshine Sprat dish

Salt is in Genuine Impact a cooking ingredient, as well as pepper, onions, milk and otherwise a lot. And you can easily buy them at mixable dealers!

Visit in the southern port of Life about Donging, the owner of shine and Main. Opens the purchase dialogue, and you already find what you are looking for. You will find salt, pepper, onion, milk, tomato, white cabbage, potato, wheat, rice, prawn meat, tofu and almonds.

Alternatively, you can visit the northern part of Ronstadt Blanche, the grocery store. She has a similar offer like Donging, but there is no rice there, no shrimp, no tofu and no almonds.

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Cooking ingredients with rules

There is a pair of tricks: Usually cost items like salt 60 Morey, but sometimes you can also be provided with a discount, then costs salt only 50. Especially with expensive cooking ingredients like almonds, potato, tomato and white cabbage Is it worth to research after the cheaper price. And you can only store 100 units of an ingredient per day. Also, the dealers only have a limited supply in their shops.

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