GENSHIN IMPACT: The dizzy income figure with which Mihoyo breaks a record in videogames

Since premiere ago something more than a year ago, Genshin Impact has been able to break a few records. Having achieved during his first months to be the most successful Chinese game outside the Asian giant and being able to raise more than two billion dollars only on mobile devices, now the title of Mihoyo could accumulate a new plus. This would become the video game that has generated the most income in its first year of life throughout history.

GENSHIN IMPACT, absolute record in terms of income

This Might Be A Hint From Mihoyo For The Appearance Of Other Archons The information transmitted by Zeniiet, one of the most respected dataminers between the Genshin Impact community, places the income obtained by the game in a total number that could rise to 3.5 billion dollars. An estimate that serves to dethrone Fortnite and overcome some of the most successful videogames in recent years. Something that Mihoyo would get even if we only take into account the lowest estimates on the company s income.

To carry out the calculations, the estimates have been carried out according to various sources in which the most up-to-date figures were collected with respect to income. A small study that confirms the effectiveness of the title monetization system that has been criticized as many times in the community. It may not be the most friendly when we want to get our favorite characters, but their success is more than demonstrated.

Genshin Impact now faces the second half of your 2.2 patch and promises to expand content on your next update. With the history of Inazuma Vista for sentence, the title will now have to launch a version up to the height. The positive reading of Mihoyo s income figures is that everything indicates that we will have content for several years.