Eternals post-credits scenes: Just how many are there and also just how do they change the MCU?

Shock, shock, there are a pair of Eternals post-credits scenes to stick around for while people awkwardly shuffle out of the cinema.

The joke s on them, there s lots worth remaining for. The Eternals post-credits scenes plot out a number of characters destinies prior to our very eyes as well as setup prospective offshoots. So allow s dive straight into them-- and exactly how they alter the MCU. First off, right here s the number of post-credits scenes are revealed after Eternals.

The number of Eternals post-credits scenes are there?

There are two Eternals post-credits scenes. The initial one follows the traditional flashy credit ratings sequence reeling off the major cast list. The 2nd one happens 5 minutes later when the whole credit ratings have actually ended up rolling. Afterwards, you re free to go!

What occurs in the Eternals post-credits scenes? SPOILERS.

MAJOR looters for Eternals follow. You have been cautioned!.

The first Eternals post-credits scene features Druig, Thena, and Makkari off trying to find the missing out on members that have been blended away by Arishem during the movie s finishing.

While they re not having much good luck, a person who allegedly knows their location suddenly appears: Eros (Harry Styles), bro of Thanos, who additionally goes by the name Starfox. Accompanying him is Pip the Giant (Patton Oswalt). It s unclear where they re all heading following-- yet Starfox is along for the ride and also, momentarily a minimum of, ready to sign up with the Eternals on a quest to discover Arishem.

The 2nd post-credits scene sees Package Harington s Dane Whitman opening up a box that has actually a sword encased within. There s even a threatening description in Latin, which converts to Death is my reward..

That doesn t stop Dane, who claims I have to attempt as well as goes to touch the sword. Just prior to he does so, a voice calls out, saying: Are you certain you re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?.

There s also verification, in situation there was ever before any kind of question, that The Eternals will return..

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Eternals post-credits: how they established the future of the MCU.

These post-credit scenes probably amount to about a min combined-- but there s still a reasonable total up to unpack below.

Initially up: yes, Harry Styles is currently in the MCU. Eros/Starfox is a Timeless and his comic history tips that he may not get on the straight and narrow, butting heads with the likes of She-Hulk in the past. He likewise has a mind-control power that can help increase people s emotions-- and even make them fall for Eros.

In the meantime? He most likely intends to locate Arishem equally as high as Thena as well as business do. Nothing has actually been formally confirmed, yet he can have a major component to play if there s ever an Eternals 2 in the jobs. Eros might additionally be a villain down the line, as well, needs to the MCU call for an additional all-powerful godlike entity to slaughter.

The 2nd post-credits scene, thankfully, provides Dane Whitman some direction. He was sidelined for much of Eternals and also, as most comic fans understand, he s destined for a lot more than that.

By Eternals end, he uncovers his family history as well as the last series discloses exactly what that is: a weapon called the Ebony Blade. It s perhaps among the MCU s most powerful. In the comics, it makes its individual-- the Black Knight-- unyielding, and also it can cut with anything.

It seems clear that Dane as well as the Ebony Blade will certainly come acquainted eventually. Whether that s via a standalone Disney And also series-- we d eliminate for a Black Knight six-parter-- or in a future MCU film stays to be seen.

Who is the off-screen voice in the post-credits scene?

The other mystery is that of the off-screen voice alerting Dane. The person s true identification has actually been exposed by supervisor Chloé Zhao-- as well as it comes from Mahershala Ali s Blade. That was the voice of one of my favored superheroes, Mr. Blade himself, she told Fandom. Blade, Blade, Blade, yeah!.

Unfortunately, she was incapable to offer away any specifics about the personality s approaching solo film, saying: I do not know what they re doing with the film, however Mahershala is a prize. It s mosting likely to be epic..

Harington-- that s currently anticipated to show up in the new Blade flick-- likewise spoke about the introduction of Blade into the MCU: It s truly amazing. [Chloé] texted me about that a number of weeks back and also it type of blew my mind. I really did not know that would hold true, so it s rather exciting for me..

So, there you have it: one newcomer as well as one Eternals cast participant when traveling to larger and far better things. Anticipate both Eros as well as Dane Whitman to be major pressures in the MCU moving on in Marvel Stage 4 and past.