EA wants to make Games even worse, but Microsoft turns across

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Electronic Arts sees in NFTs future of Gaming — Microsoft, however, represents a different opinion as Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced in an interview.

How To Make Millions Investing In Crypto Games (DO THIS NOW!) Xbox boss Phil Spencer does not share the NFT enthusiasm, which is widespread in the gaming industry. In an interview Spencer admitted that Microsoft also has the blockchain certificates in view, but Implementation in Xbox games would feel like exploitation — and exploitative features should be kept away from the Xbox store.

Even though Spencer avoided all NFTs by definition as exploitation, seems to be the controversy and well-criticized Krypton trend at least in the near future to arrive in the Xbox camp.

Original article of 5 November 2021

In a meeting, EAS CEO Andre Wilson has set out in which the gaming industry in his opinion will develop. However, many players will not like his ideas — Wilson would like to set the focus on NFTs and play-to-earn games.

NFTs and play-to-earn: unpopular features in games

NFTs (non-fungible token) are essentially possession certificates for digital content that can be purchased online with cryptocurrencies and fluctuated greatly in value. Partially, several tens of thousand US dollars are output for these metadata certificates, while the actual content, for example a GIF or a JPG continues to be available for the entire world free of charge.

Play-to-earn in turn refers to games, in which gamers first have to invest cryptocurrency before they can earn the chance on more NFTs and crypto coins when playing.

Wilson named NFTs and Play-to-earn games in an investor meeting The Future of Our Industry. He said that would play collectable, digital content an important role in the future. But it was still too early to say exactly how this content should be implemented. Nevertheless, Wilson EA sees in a perfect position and said that more innovative and creative in this direction should be thought. (Source: gamer)

Opinion: NFTs and CO — EA with scary vision

While cryptocurrencies and NFTs have gained more to presence in recent months, they are still rarely represented in the gaming industry and are usually acknowledged with loud protests. Only recently, the Horror Game Dead by Daylight sharpened criticized because NFTs should be sold by Pinhead character models.

NFTs are fully worthless certificates that gain or lose value in the context of speculation with cryptocurrencies alone — a grotesque capitalism funeral in the vacuum of the internet. The sums, which have already been called for such metadata, make in most of the unbelieving head shaking — but the extremely high energy consumption necessary by blockchains for manufacture makes NFTs in addition to a problem of public.

But even if individual NFT speculation would not be harmful to the environment, the statements of Wilson still witness from EAS unstoppable search for more elements, which you can monetize in your games.

A future in which gamers are forced to buy senseless possession certificates from freely available character models or the like, acts as a disturbing dystopia. In view of Eass worrying and indispensable handling of microtransactions in games like FIFA, however, this idea is by no means unrealistic. With Ubisoft, another publisher interested in Blockchain Games has already registered. (Source: IGN) Wilsons desire could therefore be a bitter reality.

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EAS CEO sees the future of video games in NFTs and play-to-earn games. Players remain hoping that his vision will never occur with these extremely controversial features.