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New Protagonists of Pokémon Anime Unveiled - Watch the First Trailer and Countdown to the Premiere Episode!

For a few months I was running the countdown to Ash Ketchup, the main character of the Pokémon anime who has finally finished his cycle after having been present in that series for years. And now that his farewell chapters are coming to an end, little by little information from the new star characters comes. Today The Pokémon Company decided to launch a small advance of what we are going to see in the new series, making known that the new characters are called Like and Rod, next to their main creatures of the Pale region. For his part, it seems that a subject named Fried with his partner Captain Pikachu will be company. Here you can see it: It is worth mentioning that the emissions of the new anime will arrive in Japan from next April 14, with a special one-hour special, this to give space to the presentations and background of history. However, in our region it may take more than thought, because for now the definitive Pokémon Travel Tournament still has no dubbing. Via: Pokémon

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